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EFCC position on the data handling aspects of the revised Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

EFCC supports the key objectives of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) revision, and in particular the ones aimed at addressing the shortcomings of the current rules, enhancing the sustainability of construction products and contributing to the objectives of the green and digital transition of the European economy.

However, EFCC members have been concerned about the planned introduction of a significant number of additional data sharing requirements. Members consider many of the additional data sharing requirements as not improving the accessibility of relevant digital product information for citizens and authorities, whilst adding a very significant administrative burden on the construction chemicals industry.  


  • EFCC calls for the creation of a construction products database (if the setting up of this is not avoidable) that is not requiring extensive efforts and does not contain confidential information, such as the composition of products, know-how, etc.
  • EFCC recommends that the introduction of the digital product passport under the CPR serves as the main source of the data and information collection and sharing.
  • EFCC invites co-legislators to support those obligations that do not significantly increase the administrative burden related to data and information sharing and protect the intellectual property of the European economic operators.
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